Every grain of Diamond Pearl Foods’ Basmati Rice is of superior quality that is guaranteed by a stringent and advanced quality control process. We have adopted Total Quality Management (TQM) in our basmati rice quality inspection and control system, leaving nothing to chance for our valued end consumers. We stringently assess the quality & quantity of full rice grain and sort the produce through advanced computerised infrared sorting system, removing broken bran and contaminants such as defected rice grains and weeds.

We also adopt chemical methods to inspect the purity of basmati rice, its solubility in alkalinity and its cooking quality to ensure that the vital nutrients of characteristic pure basmati is intact and maintained for our consumers to relish. To enhance your experience we also ensure that the softness and length of the basmati rice is unhampered and intact whilst preparation and consumption. Each pack is completely sealed to ensure that you enjoy the quality and freshness that we strive for.

We obtain our agro produce from reliable farmers we personally know by name and are ever dynamic to enhance our production process to ensure that each pack of Diamond Pearl’s Basmati Rice contains nothing but premium quality and fresh grains.

We believe in serving you nothing but the FINEST Indian basmati rice. Taking just a few grains of Diamond Pearl Food’s Basmati Rice in your hands, you would notice the pure quality by the natural aroma and long & slender form of each grain. Quality hand tended pure Diamond & Pearl basmati rice grains...

At Sona Impex, we take utmost care to choose the product we offer to our clients. With a deep understanding of our customer needs, we work with manufacturers to ensure a sea of innovative products with best-in-class quality. You would also notice our products on display at leading national retail chains, food stores, and consumer exhibitions