Nurtured in the lap of the Himalayas and satiated by the serene waters forming the Ganges, Diamond Pearl Royal Diner - Pure Basmati Rice is the finest offering from the house of Diamond Pearl Foods. Known for its naturally pure & long grained appearance, mystifying aroma, magical flavours and delicate fluffy texture, these choicest slender pearl white grains, treasured and aged to perfection for over twelve months, naturally melt in your mouth treating your taste buds to royal bliss!

Royal Diner is a perfect ingredient in or companion to Indian, Mughlai, Chinese, Continental and a host of delicacies across cuisines. Come treat yourself to royalty, indulge in the pure & authentic tastes of India and crown yourself as the well deserved & rightful Royal Diner.

 Available as pure (raw) and par boiled (cream and golden variants) basmati rice.


The ‘extra’ of extraordinary and the ‘super’ of super premium, such is the characteristic of Diamond Pearl Supreme Silk Basmati Rice. Supreme in every sense, having an average length of 7.5 mm, on cooking each grain demonstrates its superiority. Not only turning exceptionally long, slender and non sticky but also retaining a rich taste. What’s magical it doesn’t break in the process of cooking.

With Diamond Pearl Supreme Silk Treat your folks to a basmati preparation that not only looks appealing but also tastes divine.

Available as pure (raw), steamed and par boiled (cream and golden variants) basmati rice.


To make every moment of life and every meal a celebration Diamond Pearl Foods presents Everyday Delight Basmati Rice. A perfect balance of quality and affordability, this delicious long grain offering is a combination of superior aroma, length, taste and texture. Sprinkle some royalty in your everyday life with this delicious basmati rice that’s easy to digest and equally nutritious.

Bring home this delightful grain and make every meal a grand celebration with family and friends.

Available as pure (raw), steamed and par boiled (cream and golden variants) basmati rice.


The mesmerising aroma and rich taste of Diamond Pearl Farmer’s Pride Basmati Rice weaves a magical spell on every grain of your basmati rice preparation making every morsel heavenly. Taking just a few grains of this rice in your hands, you would notice the pure quality by the fragrance and long & slender form of each grain.

Farmer’s Pride basmati makes your Pulao, Biryani and curry preparations absolutely delightful with its characteristic pearl white, maximum length and smooth textured grain packed with wonderful aroma.

Available as pure (raw), steamed and par boiled (cream and golden variants) basmati rice.


With people across the globe adapting to a healthy lifestyle Diamond Pearl Earth – Brown Basmati Rice partners you and your family in your choice to stay fit and eat healthy. Diamond Pearl Earth Basmati is processed by removing the outermost layer of the rice kernel and maintaining the bran layer intact thereby preserving the natural fibre and nutritional value of the grain. The nutty flavoured grain has a low to medium GI which translates into low cholesterol and controlled blood sugar levels.

Diamond Pearl Earth blends perfectly with nutritious soups, salads and meals and keeps you aligned to your diet. So come and experience the flavours of a nutritious diet delicacy..